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Try some of our bestsellers and visit the store. This is a safe eco-friendly, Biodegradable pipe cleaning kit which is safe on metal,glass and ceramic. Never any odor,aftertaste or residual. Take a whiff of the others and see the ingredients to see what they are hiding. We are a soy base cleaner that is effective on even your tuff stuff. We may not be the fastest but we are safe! Why buy separate pieces to get the job done right the first time when you can have the kit to start with.



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Here at Green Hits, we are proud to carry the best pipe cleaner kits on the market. Focused on providing incredible customer service, our staff is passionate about our products.

Why Choose Us?

At Green Hits, our products are all-natural and safe to use on metal, glass and ceramic pipes. Our organic pipe cleaning kits work instantly. Simply shake, rinse and enjoy. Our Earth-friendly cleaner is based on all-natural soy and won’t leave any residue or aftertaste.

Our products feature only Earth-friendly ingredients. We carry a variety of products including:

At Green Hits, we value your privacy.

When you buy a pipe cleaner kit from us, we promise to keep your information private. We also offer discreet packaging and ship to anywhere in the U.S.

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