How To clean a Pipe Using Greenhits Solution

May 27, 2016

How To clean a Pipe Using Greenhits Solution

How to Clean a Pipe

Your water pipe does a great job of filtering out impurities from smoke, but you need to clean it regularly to prevent a buildup of resin. When you clean a pipe, you improve the quality of your smoke and extend the life of your equipment. You also look more presentable and save yourself the embarrassment of passing a dirty pipe to your friends.

The more frequently you clean a pipe, the easier it will be, so make a habit of cleaning often to prevent the accumulation of stubborn gunk. However, it’s still possible to clean a pipe that’s truly filthy and make it look brand new by using our amazing cleaning solution and our kit to get the job done right. Why use harsh and toxic chemicals when you can use a Eco-friendly nontoxic solution. We make it easy and safe!

  • Empty all existing liquids out of your piece
  • Rinse your piece with warm water, we prefer it hot.
  • Add a liquor shot amount (some call this two fingers) to your piece along with the same amount of water (Cold or hot) If your piece hasn’t seen the light for quite some time add a heaping cap full of the miner salts. Cover all holes and shake for about 30 seconds.
  • Don’t dump the solution out unless it’s so grudged out, empty it into a cup or baggy (We recommend a baggy). If it’s really bad leave it soak for as long as it takes to clean it the way you want it.
  • Remove one of the cotton swabs and dip it into the solution and dip it into the hole or wherever you can’t get, the bristle brush will help with the tuff stuff .
  • Rinse under warm or hot water. Repeat if necessary!


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